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[27 Aug 2004|12:17pm]

FUCK HEAD!Collapse )
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[30 Jul 2004|04:21am]

-Name: Brandon
-Age: 2x9+6-4+3+(2x4)/2
-Sex: Male
-Sexual preferance: Warm things with holes that feel good to my special places.
-Religion: Duracellism... I worship them because that is the brand of the giant battery the pope hides in that huge hat of his that has kept him powered so long beyond his natural time. What a mighty power source! I worship thee and spit on the name of the pink-bunny devil!

-Race: I think the turtle won.
-Where exactly do you live? Zip code and all: 72034, Podunk bumfuck, Arkansas
35° 5' 24" , -92° 26' 16"
35.09 , -92.438

-Michael Jackson or Prince?: They are both sexually and racially ambiguous with questionable talent.
-Britney or Christina?: I'm too cool to recognize who you are talking about without last names! Thats how 1337 I am.
-As I Lay Dying or Yellowcard?: Never heard either.
-NOFX or Anti-Flag?: both suck.
-Poison The Well or Coheed and Cambria?: Coheed and cambria is for really big obnoxious pussies.

-Favorite movie: I don't allow those electronic Jewish Hollywood infect my mind with their jew bastardizations of the American culture!
-Favorite band(s): Dream Theater, YES, Nevermore, Spiral Architect, Rhapsody (damn you erik), Rusty Cooley, Jason Becker, Marty Friedman, Cacophony, Jeff Beck.
-Favorite book: More filthy Jewish propaganda... I think not.... you want a book? Read Mein Kampf!
-Favorite song: Well man, there is really only one universal song that speaks with it's united voice through the collective unconcious of the divine spirit of the ONE, you know man?? Its like the ONE..... Like... yeah.. man.

-Make us laugh: Why does a shower head have 11 holes? Jews only have 10 fingers.
-What the fuck is wrong with you?: I quietly beat off to that little guy in kyle's (archaic motion's) icon and then wash myself in rubbing alcohol for 3 and 1/4 hours until I feel clean of my mother's vaginal and genetic impurities, as well to allow the fumes to clear my mind of the all powerful Jewish influence.
-Why should we let you in?: So you can say you knew the North American Hitler before he rose to power?
-Why should we care?: You might be Jewish?
-Why are you filling this out: To get the word out that the inferior race must be prevented from tainting the gene pool of the elite. Filth...
-Are you elite OMG!: I'm OMGZSOELITEOMGZ
-How cool is this community?:
-30 pictures of you holding a crayon, please:

-Promote like woah: JOIN THIS COMMUNITY! There.. I came up with the slogan, now you go distribute it.
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[29 Jul 2004|07:27pm]
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Welcome [29 Jul 2004|06:39pm]

Welcome to eliterating_omg!!!!!!! We are lyke so elite, LOLZ!
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